For quite some time now, I have been world-renown as a Tarot-Historian.

Together with Prof. Andrea Vitali, President of The Tarot Association, we organized various exhibitions on the History of the Tarot, which were successful at national and international levels.

In addition to the exhibition held at the Este Castle of Ferrara (from December 1987 to February 1988), among the most significant were the ones held at the National Museum of Castel S. Angelo (Rome, December 1994), at the City Archeological Museum of Bologna (December 1995) and at the Barolo Palace of Turin (April 1997). 

From 1988 I am acting consultant to the EDIZIONI D’ARTE LO SCARABEO of Turin, Italy, world leader in the production of the Tarot, for which I have written numerous essays, reviews and produced new games and Tarot cards. I recently started a collaboration with DAL NEGRO EDITORE.


Tarot, the Wisdom’s Labirinth
from Renaissance to New Age

(Armenia, Milano 1997)

Interactive CD ROM available
with History, Exposition of Esoterical Applications, Divination Games.

I have written note-worthy essays in the following collective works:

El arte del Tarot

with J. L. Pibernat e Ram
(Orbis,Barcellona 2001)

Italian edition:
L'Arte dei Tarocchi
(Fabbri, Milano 2001)

The Tarot of Aleister Crowley
with R. Negrini e R.Tebani 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1999)


The Visconti Tarot
with T. Gonard 
(Lo Scarabeo,Torino 1998)

German edition:
Das Visconti Tarot
(Königs Furt, Klein Königsförde, 1999)

The Marseilles Tarot
with T. Gonard 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1998)


Ancient Enlightened Tarot

with M. Chiesa and S. Di Vincenzo 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1995)

Ancient Tarot of Lumbardy
with M. Chiesa 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1995)


Ancient Tarot of Liguria-Piedmont
with M. Chiesa and T. Depaulis 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1995)

Ancient Tarot of Bologna
with M. Chiesa and G. Crippa 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1995)


Rider-Waite Tarot:
History, esoteric Rituals and divinatory Practices
of Arthur E. Waite
with Rossella Ferrero
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1993; 2nd edition, 1995)


Egyptian Tarot and Horoscope Mysteries

with Tiberio Gonard
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1989; 2nd edition, 1998)

Dutch Edition:
De Egyptische Tarot
(Uitgeverij Schors, Amsterdam 2001)


Tarot: the Cards of Destiny
with P. Marsilli and A.Vitali 
(Le Tarot, Faenza, 1988)

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