My Productions also include an adulation of shows about the local Town-Square; for which I was commissioned by the organizing agency of the Medieval Festivities of Brisighella (Ravenna). 

Several of these, which focus on a precise topic, and always adapted to a particular situation, had some follow-up after the first representation held in Brisighella, they are here-in mentioned.

The "Coniunctio" a prevailing triumphant show-parade similar to the renaissance and baroque triumphs, generates a great emotional impact and translates the phrases that carry to realisation of the mysterious philosophical stone so cosseted by the alchemists. 
The wagons that encompass the parade are inspired by astrological and mythological symbolism.

A theatrical representation that reconstructs the Trials for witchcraft carried out in the territory of the most serene Republic of Venice towards the end of the 1500's, when the witch hunt was quickly spreading in all Europe. The main character is one widow Zenevra, who lived in a small mountain village. She is, one day, accused by her godmother named Orsola with whom she had previously argued over a futile matter suddenly is put on trial by the Inquisition.

Procession of spectacular costumes inspired by astrological symbolism. The parade of planets is accompanied by the "Sons ', moreover by the characters linked to every planet: Mars and the soldiers, Venus and the Lovers, Jupiter and the students, etc... Once the parade arrives in the town-square, the show concludes with vast special and scenic effects.

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