Tarots of the Gnomes
Text by Giordano Berti
Illustrations by Antonio Lupatelli 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1990; spanish edition: Ediciones Obelisco,
Barcelona 1992) 
This volume, wich has achieved enormous success in Italy and Spain, tells a story that is a simple yet rich in suggestive elements. It is a fairy tale wich contains, between the lines, a moral and philosophical teaching inspired by the great western mystic traditions: kabbalah and, above all, alchemy. Some board games are also described, the simple rules of wich are easy to lern for a fun and instructive pastime. The last chapter describes in detail, as part of the story, the magic rites practised by Sichen, the wizard of the gnomes, to consecrate the instruments he used foretelling the future. So, this magical tale is dedicated to adults and childrens alike who wish to never forget precious childhood memories.



Nightmare’s Tarot
Text by Giordano Berti
Illustrations by Corrado Roi 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1991)
A ridicolous and at the same time horrific tale of a strange interview with Dylan Dog, the famous “nightmare’s detective” of italian comics.


Oengus Dream
Text by Giordano Berti
Illustrations by Milo Manara 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1994) 
This short tale is the adaptation of an ancient gaelic legend translated in latin by a medieval monk. It’s a dream of love and war that takes place in Ireland at the epoch of heroics Tuatha Dé Danann.


Miths of Irish Celts
Text by Giordano Berti
Illustrations by Giacinto Gaudenzi 
(Lo Scarabeo, Torino 1994)
The Celts is a people whose cultural richness is only just coming to be appreciated today. At the lovers of this ancient people is dedicated this story, wich narrates the mythical origins and the battles of the peoples who dominated the green Eire across the centuries: first the demonic Fomorians and the heroes Tuatha Dé Danann, followed by the belligerent Ulaid and the famous Fianna, which ended the heroical deeds of Irish Celts. The text summarise and elaborate the legends preserved in the Middle Age by christian monks who transcribed the oral traditions of the bards and druids who had been converted to christianity. Thus, a clearer picture of the oneiric world of the Celts is formed.


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