La caverna dei filosofiThe brief notes that follow are dedicated to one of the more evocative symbols that have stirred human “thought” from its inception; The Cave, a concept dating back to the relationship between humans and a subterranean dimension, not only physical but also psychical.

For those who undertake reading this page I propose a game,
an exercise of sorts, consisting of sending me images, descriptions of dreams, stories, citations from novels, myths, proverb superstitions, etc, linking them all to the theme of ‘The Cave’.

Later, I will separate all the materials collected into categories. I will establish textual associations from one passage to the other. Rest assured, we will undoubtedly be in for some enchanting revelations, resulting from this game.

It is quite interesting to compare dimensions of a philosophical, literary and artistic nature, (there are many), with peoples daily dreams. In the interim, I suggest some reference points.


Opus metalliThe Cave: the doorway into the earth’s belly, has since fascinated and frightened human beings since the age of the Paleantrop. 
It can instantaneously induce two conflicting thoughts: the safe Haven, or the Lair that conceals invisible hazards. It is not a far fetched assertion that, the “House” and the “Grave” (opposite entities, yet specular), are found joined in the archtypical image of the Cav. 

Caves hasten a sense of attraction and rebuff for their sense of ambiguous labyrinth-like fascination. That which carries towards unexplored gorges, where hidden treasures lie or undisclosed sites of minerals, at times, also ferocious beasts or evil spirits. 

It is here, however, we notice that the entrance to the Cave represents the passageway into another existential dimension, towards sites that gradually detach themselves from the common, diurnal and solar earth Life.


InfernoWe can ask ourselves some very difficult and unsettling questions.

How many have allowed themselves to be swayed by novels of tales about sacred places hidden from the eyes of the men? Of veiled cities inhabited by mysterious beings, of buried and concealed realms occupied by countless generations? How many have dreamed, in a distant childhood, to venture into tenebrous paths leading deep within the earth’s belly? How many have fantasized about revisiting the Womb?

Entrata nella vitaWhy are some still attracted by this mystery while others sense fear, or even repulsion? A response to the latter, at a superficial level may lie in the following: Such a dark opening defines the invisible border between Life and non-Life. 
The Vagina: the obscure cellar, which disturbs and seduces simultaneously. 
The reasons for this are almost always intrinsically personal; linked somehow to a secluded childhood experience, worthwhile recounting, to conquer the fear of the cave and pursue one’s search for deeper mysteries.

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