The Games World has always fascinated me. 
I particularly enjoy games full of images like playing cards, snakes and ladders, Divining Games, etc.

This interest has compelled me to write different essays on the subject and consequently I have collaborated in organizing various historical exhibits on “playing cards".

Throughout the course of Time, I’ve also had the opportunity to invent various “children games”, some I created were purely didactic, others, were simply new tarot cards, also noteworthy, game of divination. These were all published by “Lo Scarabeo” in Turin, Italy.

I wrote many reviews on contemporary artists' tarots as well.


In my “hope chest” there are various other “games” still unpublished, still undiscovered such as Divining Games, Parlour Games, Nursery Games, etc.

I find “conceptual games” most fascinating, particularly those that do not include props or instruments of any kind, and allow for inward journeys of enlightenment.

These unique diversions (risky perhaps at times) are particularly suited to be played while surfing the net. With each occasional surfer, each game will evolve and grow, increasing its appeal.

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