Among the many activities I’m involved in, Teaching is the one I probably most enjoy and foster a preference for. Particularly, because of the moral acknowledgement I receive from students.

All my courses are structured in an interdisciplinary way. Above and beyond the “main path” which we investigate and discuss; we often encounter forks in the road, and these are also subsequently explored, frequently leading us to different places, unexpected historical moments and to the discovery of ideas, characters, and techniques that astonish even Today.

The course is arranged in chronological order: from the ancient Roman Art to present day. Via the numerous projector slides (35 for every lesson) we have the opportunity of learning the different styles and typical techniques of the various Periods and Society.'arte.htm



In 48 lessons we examine the Following: 
Theoretical Foundations of Symbolism, Numerology, Geometric Structures of the Cosmos, Astrological Symbolism, Emblematic Alchemists, Talisman Shapes and Gestures, the Greater Mysteries of the Tarot and the other related pertinent topics. 

Slide shows are presented during the courses.

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