The evolution of the Iconography of the Tarot-like esoteric language

"The Book of Thoth exists, and its pages are the images of the Tarot". 
With this affirmation, the Master Antoine Court de Gebelin (1725-1784) in 1784 began the esoteric interpretation of the Tarot. 
Capitalizing from the fuss and commotion provoked by the Court de Gebelin, a Parisian esoteric, Jean Baptiste Alliette, alias Etteilla, completely redesigned the images of the Tarot, around 1790, and renamed the deck: "Book of Thoth". 
From that moment onward, further alterations of the Tarot are no longer noted. Every esoteric school, and many individual occultists, invented new decks of Tarot in order to diffuse their own magical and divine conceptions. Consequently these "arch images" have become a Language in their own right. 
The use of symbols and allegory, (presented in different ways) describe the mystical structure of the cosmos and the paths that can lead human beings to a greater understanding of earthy existence and what lies beyond.

Duration of Conference 
1 hour approximately, accompanied by slide show (40 in total).

On this subject, please see my essays found in Tarots, in addition to the following articles:
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Phantastischen Tarocke, CHARTA n54 (sept.-oct. '01)
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This conference will take place during the 3 World Tarot Congress, in Chicago scheduled for May 10 to 14/ 2001. 
For additional information on this matter, please visit the following web-site.

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