The perfidous seductor in Art from Medieval times to today

From the images of the slimy serpent, wrapped around the Tree of Eden
to the terrible infernal monster, avidly divouring human beings, through the ages many ideas, often from far off places, intermingle.

This Conference describes the story of a “Character”,disquieting and charming at the same time: a creature of pure spirit voted to an un-gracious task: lead the human race to perdition and sin.

This Spirit, that followes humanity from its birth, and, through the centuries, has often changed many faces and ways to operate, has inspired countless artists’ endevours;through the analysis of these one can comprehend how, and behind what emotional drive, the face of Satan and his Demons has reached its modern-day physiognom.

Duration of conference:
1hr approx., with projection of 40 slides

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Also the volumes:
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