New wings in ancient visions

Since the early 1970’s libraries’ shelves have began to be filled with a new genre of manuals relating to what has become know as “Angelic Fashion”, ie: Angelic Evocations, Angelic Astrology, Angelic Crystaltherapy, Angelic Tarot.
This fashion,however, goes much further than library shelves, it extends to cinema, television, music and grafic arts. Also, the world of advertising has not remained immune to the new fad, turning Angels into a “testimonial” for a huge variety of daily consumer goods.
This Conference examines all the various aspects of the present “Angelic” revival, whose roots are deeply embedded in Biblical Culture.

Duration of Conference:
Approx. 1hr, with projection of 35 slides.

On this subject see my article:
The return of the Angels, ATMOSPHERE n°68 (oct.-nov. '00)

and the volumes:
The Otherworld (Mondadori Libri Illustrati, Milano 1998) 
Archangels: history and miths (Lo Scarabeo,Torino 1997)

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