My activity of writer and curator of Expositions is further completed by the organization of newsgroups & the participation of conferences on topics largely linked to the multitude of artistic expressions associated to the history of western esotericism.

The newsgroups most requested involve the history and the iconography of the “Tarot”, “Witchcraft”, and “Magic” in its generic sense. 
In truth, however, my repertoire of newsgroups is unchanging.
Below, I have listed a few of those topics.


Drawings of Destiny
LAstrology in Art from Antiquity to the present

Tarots, Art & Magic
From the Miniated Triumphs to the masters of Neo-surrealism


Witches in Art
Paintings and Engravings from the Renaissance to Pop-Art

Icona Mundi
Evolution of the Tarot’s Iconography as an esoteric language


Angels in contemporary culture
New wings for ancient visions

The Gardens of Fairies
Dreams of Artists who never grew up


The Devil’s thousand Faces
The perfidious seducer in works of Art from the Middle Ages to the present

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