I was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1959; however, most of my life was spent in Monghidoro, a small town on the Appennine Mountains near Florence.

Life’s circumstances guided my undertaking of a very interesting publishing career. 
Like a ship steered by some invisible helmsman, I had the good fortune of docking in many different ports of call.

I am President and co-founder of the ISTITUTO GRAF in Bologna, Italy.This organization is dedicated to the research on the Arts and Folklore.

I organize EXHIBITIONS on Art and History and I also cater to the various publications put forth from the respective Fairs that I happen to be involved in.

My experience and reputation as a TAROT Historian is renown worldwide.


I have published numerous historical ESSAYS on western Spirituality, but throughout my career as a writer, I have also published PROSE.

I also contribute to a series of magazines published throughout the country, I edit and review ARTICLES on various subjects.

It is worth your while to have a look in my little “toy chest”.
Here I hold various articles and essays about CARD-GAMES yet to be published. 
Every month I review brand new cards, which I make available via this web-site.

I hold COURSES on Art History and Iconology. Furthermore, I organize CONFERENCES on the relationship between Art and esoteric Thought.

From 1988 I have participated in a collaborative effort in organizing the Medieval Festival in Brisighella, Italy, for which I have planned and set in motion numerous Historical Exhibitions and also devised special PERFORMANCES.

I have collaborated in writing Fair Reviews underlining esoteric themes: expositions, conferences and talk-shows.

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